Some Humanoid Robot is Started to Walk like You


At present you can see many humanoid robots that are attractive to all and all of them have different important activities. But most of them can not as fast as you. It is one of the major drawbacks of a humanoid robot. But you can become happier to know that now some developers of humanoid robot started to work for increasing the speed of their walk.

KHR-3HV is a commercially popular humanoid robot that is designed by Masahiko Yamaguchi. He has worked advanced industrial science and technology. He has been working for several years to improve the movement of the robot. He is able to make such kind of bot by demonstrating straight legs and the robot is able to walk heel to toe. But he said that the robot cannot move   left and right and that’s why he has been working to solve this problem.

Besides the developer of V-sido ,Wataru Yoshizaki has developed a new program for fast walking mini humanoid robot. He is also a professional programmer and V-sido is real time software for control of the bot. This software is used to connect with Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. Also this software is used to connect with original robot design. He developed a robot of straight legged walking, but cannot walk heel to toe.

Source: KHR-3HV