i-SOBOT Is A Luxurious Self Transforming Robot

i-SOBOT  1

Kenji Ishida was made a wonderful transforming robot. Tomy took a project for developing a transforming bot. Ishida worked for many years on this robot. He used some servo motors which are very costly and it was very much expensive for general people.

The name of this robot is i-SOBOT and it was the smallest sized biped bot when it was developed . It has remote control system. It can convert its car structure to humanoid bot. Tomy applied small servo motors and keeps the price lower. The movement style of this robot is slightly slow. Sometimes it is called luxurious toy bot.

Before releasing the i-SOBOT, Tokyo Toy Show released a bot called i-SODOG that is usually maintained by an iPhone. In 2013, the Show released the i-SOBOT. Tomy also categorized both the i-SOBOT and i-SODOG by Transformers.

Recently, this bot is not capable to walk currently since there is a small motor that is not very speedy and powerful. But there is a possibility the bot will be capable to walk.

Source: i-SOBOT