IIT’s Quadruped Robot has Reflexes and can Avoid Falling

Quadruped robot

Recently IIT have designed a very powerful quadruped robot that can run, jump and also kick. Not only ordinary jumping and walking, this robot has reflexes and reflex reactions similar to that of any animal. The researchers have developed a unique formula to help robots understand the obstacles and to quickly react if accidentally its feet goes into any obstacles. This formula will also help the robot to prevent unexpected falling in its path.

The formula is devised in a way that directly enhances the HyQ’s maneuvering mechanism. It can absorb any unexpected external forces to its body. The reflex action is ready to be active if it senses that the leg is stumbled. The research team has also designed the reflex behavior similar to an animal. For reflexes, it reacts by raising its respective leg higher than the object.

HyQ is designed to work on rough pathways too. It can walk and trot swiftly by using its hydraulic actuators and sensors. While it was in the laboratory it was tested for reaction towards stumbles, it was also recorded that this robot can run over four miles per hour and it can avert any obstacles of 5 inches.

Currently the research team is working on HyQ’s vision. Also, they are going to test its reflexes in wild settings.


Source : IEEE Spectrum