In Future, Bartenders Robot will Serve You in Ship

Bartenders Robot 1

Royal Caribbean has introduced a lot of technology, which will help make the new model ship. The sea Quantum is featured with many characteristic such as internet with high speed, RFID navigation, and also robot bartenders. Similarly, the Rolls Royce is thinking of the future for unmanned ships.

The robot will welcome the guest via the SMART Check-In program, and it is named by the Royal Caribbean. It is able to get the guest from the sidewalk of ship within 10 minutes. The luggage is connected with an RFID tag when it is placed in the ship so that the guest can easily track their luggage by their smartphones.

Guests are typical granted using RFID wristbands too. These are used for IQ concierge console that is located on the ship. For book activities along with make on-board purchase, it allows the guest for identifying and providing direction for them and it also acts as a key of a guest room.

The concierge is also offered by a couple of new apps on mobile. Cruise Planner always allows guests to analyze and also guide things to do before the getaway will begin, while Royal iQ gives very similar services as like as on-board iQ consoles.

Source: Telegraph

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