Intelligent Mopper to Clean and Dry Your Floor

Robot Mopper

It is a hassle-free way to get cleaned from dust. Braava is an interesting robot that uses moist clothes to clean and dry a hard surface. Its key point is that it works tirelessly and works both ways. You can select to either dry or mop and this time it needs a cleansing cloth. After attaching, the cloth braava creates the mops dry. For this case, Braava dampens the mop, cleans the oils.

Braava is developed to use two types cleansing cloth, moist and dry. Both types are readily available on the market. Cleansing piece of cloth can be included and removed. You have to choose the mode of cleaning.

A system such GPS is included with it that helps to understand its previous positions. It also generates the generic map of the room including obstacles and walls. This helps it to understand where cleaning is required. It can also clean under a furniture. Braava’s box-like shape enables it to run the cleansing process in areas like corners. It has many smart sensors that help to bypass any un-necessary and potentially dangerous parts. If you need to learn or know about the device then you also co go to this link!


Source : iRobot Braava 380t