iStruct for Colonizing to The Moon

iStruct 1

iStruct is one kind of space robot. It is developed by DFKI. The researchers designed this ape shaped robot due to some specials features. One of the major features of it is the stance of 4 legs is more stable when it wants to scramble for pass through an obstacle. It also can go original position when it falls down. When uses hand it balances the hind legs. It can colonize to the moon.

This bot contains an articulated spinal column and also has a sensor in the foot including an ankle structures for reacting to the ground.

I can describe here  following features of this bot

(1) It has forty three FSR sensors

(2) For detection of collision 6 extra FSR sensors are used.

(3) It has a six axis Torque-sensor

(4) Includes 3-axis a digital accelerometer.

(5) Includes 2 temperature sensors.

(6) It has digital magnetic angular encoders.

(7) It has also a distance sensor

Here are used different types of sensors but the distance sensor is individual form other and has a special capability. This makes the robot different from others.

Source: iStruct