Keepace, a Japanese Robot can Assist to Walk

Keepace, a Japanese Robot 1

Murata Manufacturing is a Japanese electronics company. It has developed a walker robot named KeePace that can stay alone vertically. The robot employs the same sensors that are used in their self balancing robots.

The actual KeePace comes in orange along with black colored versions. The heights of them are 33.5 and 37 inches respectively, along with obtaining 10 kg weight. There is no negative word about rates or even availability.

The KeePace is mainly co-developed with Yukikazu. Yukikazu are the owners of approximately half of Japan’s walker along with electric powered wheelchair market. At first it was demonstrated the robot in prototype form at CEATEC 2011. They have re-designed the initial prototype’s design and style while increasing its support and it is managed within becomes along with upon slopes. As well as it’s a pair of principal wheels, latest version in the walker incorporates a smaller 3rd wheel, gives additional support on an incline. It operates like a kickstand if the robot is turned off.

It has gyro sensor along with tilt sensor. A gyro sensor can detect changes within the angular velocity along with tilt sensor measures the angle inclination. The actual sensors are already regularly put on show at situations including CEATEC Japan through Murata’s mascots

Source: Abledata

To see performance of KeePace you can see below.