KidsArm Robot for Kids Surgery

KidsArm Robot 1

The technology that built by the International Space Station are now available to provide help to the sick children. KidsArm is a robotic arm that has devolved by the similar company that is behind the robotic arm. It is mainly employed for the delicate pediatric surgery.

The program director Thomas Looi said that their robot can operate on blood vessels like small structure. The test of KidsArm was taken in Canada. He also said that the ultimate goal of this robotic arm of helping the doctors and make the surgery faster than doctor’s hand work and for increasing the accuracy of surgery. The KidsArm can perform 3 to 5 suture point automatically, where some robots can perform all works automatically.

KidsArm presents specialists real-time imaging of high precision as well as command in special procedures for example neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and fetal surgery, along with other slight operations. The robot has a stereo audio photographic camera that yields a three dimensional point cloud. Looi also said that a set of information that guide the tip in addition to use some sutures. The bot is also made with a good external positioning system with the similar scale industrial automatic robot to human arms for some of the special function.

Source: Space

To see the performance of this robot, you can see below.