Kubi a Telepresence Robot


The mushrooming market of Telepresence is continuing and growing the needs to research and find a more suitable option to ease the service receiving process. The most up-to-date effort of introducing a cost efficient system of Telepresence is over to admire KUBI. Kubi is a stationary robot that helps user to use their phone and tab in a smarter way.

Cubi cannot actually move around the room but can tilt its pad carrier up to 90 degree. The user can handle this robot remotely by using a dedicated application available for both types of device iOS and Android. Making its useful to monitor a room. Caller can tilt cubi left and right by 300 degree. This interesting feature helps the caller to look after his room from a far off place. It has the ability to hold devices sized from 7 to 10 inches wide.

Scrutinizing the use and application of kubi, it seems like Kubi is not really a full scale robot at all. It is just a Telepresence helper which has some added functionality. It is not a complex machine and it is also cheap. If you want to make a video call to a tab back in your room then it will help you. Then Kubi is the best and cost-effective robot you can count on.

The video below shows Kubi in action.


Source: Kubi