Leddar – A LED-Based Object and Distance Detection Technology


Leddar is an innovative type of detectors and ranging sensor which works by using different types of LEDs for the detection of the objects and locate the distance of the objects. A Canadian organization developed Leddar that is related to a Radar of Laser device.

A Leddar employed a laser rays to discover the ranges by employing how long it requires any fractional laser sprinkle to be able to bounce off the target. All the Leddar is available in different bundles and dimensions like as a specific ruggedized style for enterprise utilization, and a backyard design for traffic observation. These Leddar employs diffuse light from a number of Light Emitting Diodes to light up a great scene for very restricted pulses.

Key features:

The Leddar object detection sensor is very cheap in price, plus the up-to-date rate of LeddarTech sensor is extremely high. Leddar sensors are extremely fastest in motions. The sensor information is developed to be quite easy to realize. It also appeared to be quite effortless to place up.

Applications for the Leddar are transforming from a changeable cruise regulate system which picks up the distance to the target object and fixed speed correctly. It is an easy obstacle detector system for spot robots used for the safe zone observation in the commercial machinery and traffic observation for sensible traffic lighting.


Source: Leddar