Lego to Introduce Mars Curiosity Rover Set

Stephen Pakbaz, an actual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s mechanical engineer who designed The Lego (Curiosity Rover Set). NASA is going to launch LEGO in Mars to have in depth research on the life existence possibilities in Mars. It is also designed with the high definition Camera to send the continuous picture of the surface of  Mars for the further analysis. The Curiosity Rover is 7 feet tall (2.2 meters), and weights almost 2000 lbs (900 kg).

Pakbaz submitted his Curiosity Rover Set design to Lego Cuusoo. Lego Cuusoo  allows it’s fan to make some design for them and if the design gets the acceptability or it owns almost 10,000 votes from the fans then they take the design to the official evaluation phase and finally got into a final selection and if any design wins then it becomes the real set. Pakbaz’s design is like the other design which win and get the real set identity.