LG’s Roboking robot vacuum cleaners use voice-recognition technology to clean homes

robotsinsider-lgWhen LG isn’t busy making “Optimus” smartphones and magnificent smart TVs, the South Korean conglomerate is building household robots, one of them being the Roboking¬†robot vacuum cleaner. The latest version, the best of its class to put it, harnesses the power of voice-recognition technology to clean homes. Yes, it can be operated by voice command, and it can also move into the direction of the user. Meaning, users can now call on Roboking to clean up the mess on the floor.

Even better is the capability to halt Roboking’s operation by clapping your hands twice. Clap, clap, and the Roboking goes into “pause” mode. LG says that the new model is 10 percent more efficient than its previous models. Under the hood are three built-in ultrasonic sensors and two cameras situated at the top and bottom of the robot. Plus, you’ll love how it keeps the silence in your home at just 48 decibels while at work. But, for that, you’ll need to fork out 819,000 won, or roughly $735, to get it.

Source: LG