Lizard Robot for Earthquake Victim

Lizard 1

Usually when a lizard wants to escape from predators, it may leap below the sand surface and after that swim through it. The research team of the renowned Georgia Institute of Technology have taken the similar idea from the sandfish that it can go through via a granular medium. Though the researchers primarily worked on plastic balls in the research laboratory, they think and hope that their robot can be a helping media for victim of earthquakes.

The bot is like a snake and consists of several connected segments. All of them are run by utilizing servo motor. They encase in the latex sock and that is subsequently draped in the spandex swimsuit. In front of the device there is a burrowing head, which directly resembles from the lizard.

The sandfish alone features a doorstop-like head, which forms hundred and forty degree downward angle with the horizontal plane. The tip of robot head then subsequently raises 0.7 degree, and the downward trajectory of the robot reduces until it becomes level. When the tip directs over 7 degree, the submerged robot will proceed to swim on plastic balls. Now the researcher group wants alterations of the sandfish head to steer itself into the sand.

Source: Goldmanlab