Looj 330 for Effective Cleaning Operation


iRobot for Purveyor regarding autonomous cleansing and military services has introduced some new bots. Among them the most updated one is Looj 330. The main function of the bot is to prevent the unpleasant as well as possibly dangerous process for cleaning your household areas. First Looj 330 was introduced in 2007 but the new design has a special feature and compact shape that increases the cleaning rate.

Along with some primary features the Looj 330 have some blades and brushes which spin at 500 RPM speed with water resistance up to 8 inch width regarding normal water. Currently it includes the remote control system that comes with an elevated assortment up to 15 m.  A Li-ion battery of 7. 2 volt is also added to go 60m linear distance and cleaning properly within just 5 minutes. The iRobot teams said that the clean mode provides the bot an autonomous effective cleaning operation for better performance.

You can buy the effective cleansing robot at affordable prices and that is US$299. It is available in the US only, but you can buy Roomba-600 robot internationally. You can use the Roomba-600 as an alternative of Looj 330. Both the robots operate in a similar manner.


Source: iRobot

To see the cleansing of this robot, you can see below.