LS3, a Prototype Robot can Act Like Horse


LS3 is a Prototype Robot 1The LS3 is one kind of quadruped robot and introduced by DARPA’s LS3. Sometimes it is called Big Dog by Boston Dynamics, the designer of it. Two LS3 robots were introduced by the founder company.

The essential goal behind the actual LS3 is usually to serve while sort of pack mules. To carry bulky items intended for troopers more than robust is also another aim. It may follow itself automatically and can also reply not only spoken commands but also visual commands.

The robot has various improving versions. On the list of changes the latest version robot is usually lowering the working noises. Effectively, the new version of this robot is able to reduce one 10th of its original version through allowing soldiers walking next to it to carry on a regular conversation.

Lt. Col. Joe Hitt, who is program manager of DARPA, said that it has enough power to move at 1 to 3 miles per hour (mph) that means 1.6 to 4.8 km/h. It can walk and jog over rough, rocky land and easily transit to 5 mph jog. It can also run over level floors at7 mph. It can show the actual flexibility necessary to go with dismounted units in several terrains.

Source: Darpa

To see LS3 performance you can take a look below.