Luna, a Personal Assistance Robot

Luna 3

Luna is a personal assistant robot. This wonderful robot is able to help you in various activities around your house. RoboDynamics of California launched this personal robot. However, the company at present is not supplying an excessive amount of information about it.

Luna had been made for RoboDynamics through SchultzeWORKS, a good professional design and style studio furthermore primarily based on California. The bot contains a hardware, firmware, and also drive train that are used for making telepresence connected with internet and low cost robot of RoboDynamics.

Luna is the first private robot in the world that may be expandable by means of extension ports, entirely programmable using open standards, and cost-effective. The robot does seemingly has a holding handle in the back portion, and an unarticulated arm that is like a pipe, and has swing action for carrying a tray.

IEEE spectrum said that the personal robot Luna has a processor of dual core. It is operated by Linux operating system having 32GB storage drive. Interaction is taking place via a captive touchscreen, microphone array with speaker, camera, and sensor of 3D including wireless and cellular communication. You can buy this robot only at US$1,000 but the first model price was US$3,000.

Source: 98country

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