Makr Shakr robot bartends like a pro


Billy Idol wasn’t the only star at last week’s Google I/O developer conference. Amidst the slew of new products that Google launched, a bartending robot (yes, you heard that right), called Makr Shakr, wowed the attendees by mixing their favorite cocktail recipes and drinks.


Developed by a team of researchers at the MIT Senseable City Lab, the Makr Shakr robot was completed in just three months prior to Google I/O. It uses three robotics arms that can easily lift 16 kilograms of weight, not to mention its 1/10th of a millimeter accuracy. Two of the arms beside the main arm are outfitted with cocktail shakers, and they can close the lids as well. The main arm, on the other hand, holds the delivers the cups to customers.



If you’re wondering how the ordering process works, customers will have to use an app that has been pre-loaded into a tablet. From there, the customer selects his or her drink, and chooses how the drink should be prepared – either shaken or blended. The data from the app is then forwarded to a web server which will be sent to two directions – the visualization system and the robotics system. The researchers were able to partner with Bacardi and Coca-cola to provide free drinks at Google I/O.

Source: Gizmodo