MAST’s Robot for Mapping a Building


If you are a firefighter and you will arrive at a burning building. Also, you have no exact idea about the lining layout of the building. When you will enter into the room and randomly move for walks up, you have life risk. What is your feelings, if a robot gives directions that means give a proper directional map of the building?  By the map you can easily concentrate on your duty according to its provided information. In recent experiments of the MAST of US army have introduced some robots that can create map easily.

The real size of this robot is one square foot. The technology used in the robot is taken from three different renowned institutes. The total network system has taken from the Pennsylvania University, navigation technology has taken from the Georgia Technology Institute and vision based technology has taken from California Institute of Technology.

Each of the robots has a video camera to identify the doorway and windows of the building. To measure the wall of the building, a laser scanner is used. Due to Simultaneous localization and mapping technology, the robot can easily create a local area map from the data of sensory. It also track its own area within the map.

Source: Gtresearchnews