Mitsubishi has Released Nuclear Plant Inspection Robot

Nuclear Plant Inspection Robot

Robotics is the latest wonderful invention. Different types of robots for different types of tasks are developing like Japan developing the robotic field very quickly.  Recently, Mitsubishi has released a robot for their maintenance and activities. Its name is Maintenance Apparatus Enclosed Method about Telecontrol Robot (MHI-MEISTeR). It has a pair of arms which can be loaded many devices to do different kinds of activities safely.

Some particular features of these arms are made to bend very similar to an individual arm. They have freedom apiece these are seven degrees, with each is undoubtedly very effective at rising close to 33 pounds. Different devices can be simply fitted around the small business closure of the left arm together with exercises, letting it cut pipes as well as accommodating a physical object although it gathers free samples from it.

MHI collaborated with the Energy Research Institute of Japan to form some double-armed trading program referred to Robot which will give a topper body. The organization developed a mobile controlled robot known as MARS-D. The business shows that was upgraded this robot’s rural ability to move as well as has had actions avoiding contamination.

You can also see the video below.


Source: Nuclear Plant Inspection Robot