Mobiserv with a New Human-like Robot


A recent project called MOBISERV is ready to develop a human-like robot on wheels. This autonomous robot was invented in the last 3 years is included an audio communications, HD cameras, sensors, and a touch screen. It doesn’t include any manipulators or arms, so it has not the ability to pick up any objects.

Specifically, it observes how frequently they involve in things such as exercise, medication, communicating with people, as well as choosing meals. However, if the individual hasn’t picked up from the position, for example, all the Mobiserv bot might proceed onto them as well as vocally suggest them to have some exercise. If they agree, they are capable to choose from different exercises proven for the touch screen.

The robot can recommend people to phone that they can organize, and it also gives them the opportunity to find who’s going to be at their doorway using a camera. People may also call the bot for playing game, connecting it as well with voice or possibly by touch screen.

Aside from that, people wouldn’t need anyone existing with them, the bot’s characteristics, behavior, voice and various additional features can be personalized to adjust for the user.


Source: Mobiserv