Mola, a Swimming Robot Charged By Solar Panel

mola 1

We have seen before some swimming robot such as, black ghost knife fish, jellyfish, cow-nosed ray, and others. At present AeroVironment’s engineer has introduced a swimming robot called Mola, a bizarre looking sunfish. Sometime it is also called the ocean sunfish. It will gather its own solar powered energy.

The robot can come to the water surface and can rolling itself to take energy from the sun. According to Spectrum of IEEE, no batteries is connected with Mola, so electricity collected simply by individual panels. The panel’s moves inside powering the robot’s with a couple of fins instantly. To improve the amount of generating electric power, a great attachable versatile tail is linked with solar power panels. To keep a record on various water problems, including physical, chemical, and biological water, it can utilize electric power by a good on-board files logger.

The particular automatic robot carries a travelling speed regarding a couple of knots. Automatically, it can   keep it under the surface, when it has no charge. The latest research for this robot indicates that will gallium indium phosphide solar panels put nearly 9. 1 yards under the sea are capable of bringing in several electricity.

Source: Crazyengineers

To see the swimming of this robot, you can see below.