NAO humanoid robot can put words into writing

robots-insider-naoWe’ve dreamed of military robots that can be deployed in the battlefield, but we’ve never imagined robots writing neat pieces of poetry and prose. Well, for the latter part, there’s the NAO Robot, a 58cm tall humanoid robot developed by French robotics company Aldebaran Robotics. Robot enthusiast Franck Calzada used the NAO Robot and relied on Google’s speech-to-text services, which he says is “pretty efficient.”

Using the app, Calzada was able to command the robot to write any word on a board. Inspired by Taylor Veltrop’s concept at the Paris Hackathon last year, he improved the NAO robot’s performance and made it more realistic. As you can see in the video below, the writing of the robot is almost similar to that of a child still learning how to write properly. But, still, it’s amazing to see how this robot can put words into writing. Who knows, we’ll soon have robot bloggers here in Robots Insider. What say you?

Source: Robots-Dreams