New Jellyfish-shredding Robots


For the past decades, coastline of South Africa and jellyfish populations have agreed  on a point  where they can be detrimentally affecting the marine industries and fish populations in the community, costing  more than US$2. 8 million every year. A well trained team organized by Hyun Myung (Prof of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in spite of this could possibly have a solution while using the JEROS, a cycle of independent robots which usually work to find jellyfish in the sea.

Since 2009 the team has been investigating on a robotic method to relieve from different issues. Recently they finalized their first test. The team enhanced their programming technique and invention’s speed; hence it might do the job in a very short time. Each of the JEROS automatic robots will be kept afloat by simply a couple of pontoons fixed with power propellers, which in turn retain the bot long- stable in water.

The latest square net will be halted under the sea along the robot’s pulls and width closer to the jellyfish in it utilizing propulsion. Any of these robots that will get scooped together usually are advised straight into a unique propeller, which in turn easily grinds them into a proper pulp that dissolves in the water.


Source: Jellyfish