New Self-Assembling Robot by MIT

Self-Assembling Robot 1

The researchers from Harvard University and MIT have introduced a self-assembling robot that can scuttle away by its own power. The robot can convert it from a flat structure into a moving structure.

The robot is built with a measurement of 21.5 cm by 28 cm with a polystyrene composite material sheet (heat-sensitive) and covered with a crease and cut patterns. It is able to apply heat to precise areas for self-assembling by using a heater. It can gain a robotic shape by bending plastic materials. The plastic polymer has cooled for gaining its new shape. After that the robot can lift up itself, powered its legs and able to move away.

The composite of the robotic materials has 5 separate layers of materials. A sheet of copper is used in the middle layer. It has an electrical connections array of laser-etched between the batteries, motors, microcontroller, and actuators. The middle layer is sandwiched between the two structural paper layers. They can turn into a compress between the 2 exterior layers and by forming a polymer of shape-memory and a laser-cut. The MIT professor said that the interesting thing is that you can create the device easily.

Source: Extremetech