Now Robot will help to do a Brain Surgery!


Currently Brain tumor is a very dreadful disease and the surgical procedure is also risky. Sometimes very good surgeons fail to treat properly when they try to cut the tumors from the head. Scientists are working to build a bot that can be a good treatment for it. The project is known as ROBOCAST and it is less persistent as compared to other surgical procedure.

The bot contains an interface that includes sensor, haptic control device; trajectory planner etc. The robot is placed in the burr hole by to add all the surgical tools into the head.  Applying a variety of receptors, the bot is able to modulate the placement along with force on the tools (after inserting all tools).

The trajectory planner identifies the internal and external movement of the tools. If unpredicted circumstances occur during the operation, the arrangement is able to regulate the trajectory to make the perfect changes. This doctor has the right to take the comprehensive control at almost any stage.

Until now, this ROBOCAST technique continues to be proven on a mannequin, and it is increasingly being refined with regard to the use of serious patients. A new project called ACTIVE is focusing on the application of the bot for neurosurgical treatments when the patient is still awake in the operation theater.

Source: gizmag