omniRob Robot for Making Aircraft


The car-assembling robot makes our daily life easy and comfortable, but factors are very different in the industry of aerospace. Generally, a robot cannot be employed in the field of airplane assembling. However, the European VALERI project has recently introduced  an airplane builder robot called omniRob.

The omniRob robotics project mainly perform the task in confined area. Sometimes human cannot do his job without error and the possibility of injury on him is very high. In this place, the robot can do his job perfectly by using its manipulator hands.

One of the great challenges for this robot is that sometimes it needs to do multiple task in different areas. At the time of car building, the robot can change its position and can change its height and angle of work. It’s really amazing! Their hardware or software has not programmed for only one task. In case of omniRob robot, it can continue moving around the aircraft. The robot has equipped with a computer version system and a tactile sensor for hitting anything with their arms. For this reason, the robot can instantly stop automatically when it see or touch any person. The robot is now developing and updating in the particular lab for the improvement of its function.

Source: Kuka-labs

More information on the omniRob is available in the video