OptimEyes to Gauge Your Age

OptimEyes robot 1

OptimEyes is a wonderful facial recognition robot. Nowadays we have some facial recognition software such as Picasa and iPhoto .This same type of function can be done by a robot. It is OptimEyes. It is designed to be fixed for advertising hoardings to gauge who is paying attention. This bot is developed by audience measurement. It cannot identify specific people and can gauge the number and also type of people who are paying attention to a specific advertisement. In this way, it gives report about effectiveness of advertisement.

To make it a combination of camera is needed. This combined camera gauges about the number of possible viewers. Then it compares with the real number of viewers. The device can detect the age and gender. It can save the time of each view and location of view. It also can provide all the data live.

The bot has more facial identification ability than recognition ability. To determine the age it gauges about the darker areas of face. When it gauges about the gender it takes a looks on the length of hair.

Amscreen an advertising company is the founder of OptimEyes. They want to install this device across the whole country.

Source: OptimEyes