Paper Robot III, a Bipedal Robot having Elastic Bands

paper 1

Paper Robot III is a Japanese robot and briefly it is called PR-III. This bipedal robot has introduced and constructed by the paper-modeling enthusiast. The actual PR-III is very popular for labor due to its intricate nature. The nature is always visible in photos and mainly it is carefully constructed with paper; some wooden shafts also used. Besides, elastic bands series and paper cogs are used to drive the engine. They always wound up when need to walk.

When the engineer of it explained its construction, he said that it was not easy to get the perfect balance. The problem occurs through the desired pore is through trial and error. A crank is attached to the gear, which supplies power to step forward easily. It also decelerates the revelation speed that is gained initially to a controllable speed. The initial speed generates from the mechanism of elastic band.

Only US$40 and shipping cost is needed, if you want to build your own PR-III robot. You can buy it easily from online website at this rate. If you go to a non-English website, you may face some problem to purchase and delivery. So purchase the robot from the English language based website.

Source: Treehugger

To watch video, please take a look below.