Pars – The new Life-securing Robot


This year RTS Laboratory revealed a plan for the Pars, a particular robot with antenna which is able to fly over the huge amount of water to life protector close to drowning problem. For several plans, most of us just weren’t sure that this kind of life securing pilotless aircraft will really turn out to be a reality, yet looks like an Iran supported business enterprise was basically just lately allowed to invest a functioning model perhaps even check its capabilities throughout the water. In accordance with such earliest tests, it’s quite likely that this kind of flying, GPS system security may be nowadays saving lives ahead of anyone thinks.

In Aug, the developers’ team of Pars discovered the Caspian Sea for practicing an electric battery. The spot has been selected for the propinquity to the RTS Laboratory.

The device has a speed about 22.4 mph in just 10 a mins previous to having to recharge. This supplies the greatest range of 2.8 miles, and that is great for urgent situations going on around coastlines and close to the ships. Additionally, the robot also can supply a special benefit on different blood matching parts, since it may well detour around dangerous water with no difficulty.


Source: Pars