PatrolBot from FIU is for Telepresence

PatrolBot 1

Florida International University (FIU) has developed a telepresenece robot called “PatrolBot”. The idea to make a telepresence robot has taken from Robin. Robin takes some support from the researchers of Florida International University. In a nutshell telepresence robot is called telebots. At first Robin makes a plan to help the disabled police officers those are serving in Afghanistan. He takes US$20,000 for researching in FIU lab.

Robin said that the robot may provide throughout the police force pertaining to impaired military services along with police officers.. It can help them with patrolling, responding phone calls and issuing the citations. Robin also told that it can bring a man back into the workforce without taking a person out of it.

FIU students were made, some groups to introducing various facilities. Such as some are for introducing law enforcement application. Mobility, video and interface capacity are also addressed by the other individual group. Patrolling in crowded spaces is the main function of PatrolBot. Also, it can customer survey a variety of sensitive places, including locations along with nuclear facilities and can integrate audio, online video media features.

The most important things of this robot are that it has affordable prices to buy. So it can be easily reliable for men or women officers those are disabled due to injury.

Source: Dailymail