PEEM- A third Generation Humanoid Robot


The famous company PAL Robotics took a project to develop a highly effective 3rd generation humanoid robot just like the ASIMO (developed by Honda). After many experiments they have released the robot; known as PEEM. It has been under construction since 2004 and finally it marketed to customers.

In contrast to the previous bipeds, this bot is available in order to buy for using as an investigation platform. The trajectory is identical to HUBO robots that are now traded in order to universities all over the world. As reported by the company, it is designed for looking into loads of robotics problems which include walking, seizing, body control, navigation, robot and human communication, and even more.

With a lift-up layout, presents much convenience to pieces however features a few inner portable computers and stereo system cams, speakers, along with detectors as needed. Driven by just a Li ion battery, it may well do the job for more than 3 hrs together with constant initiative or perhaps 6 hrs upon stand-by. It’s tough to know an advantage versus comparable humanoid explore tools without knowing simply how much the price ranges, and also unluckily the company has not obtained once again with me pertaining to that.


Source: PEEM