Pharmaceutical Labs are to be Served by Stainless Steel Made Robot

Seven degree stainless steel robot

Robots are being used in pharmaceutical laboratories for a long time. Robots made of plastic and iron was failing because of the chemical and temperature issue. To meet the safety and endurance issue Kawasaki H. Industries have designed and created this lab helper robot.

It has a flexible hand that can be comparable to the human hand. It is made of pure stainless steel, which makes it compatible enough to fit into dangerous chemical and temperature situations. Its mechanics are powerful and it has a comprehensive degree of freedom. Thanks to its level of freedom, in a lab setting it is highly safe as it holds bottles and other research materials with utmost care.

This helping bot is capable to go through harsh chemical environment and biometric pressure. Pharmaceutical lab needs extensive research and they need to deal with deadly chemical substances. However, prior to this robot a human research assistant had to handle those potentially unsafe chemical substances. Thanks to Kawasaki H. Industries, now any chemical that is dangerous to human can be handled by robots.

Kawasaki is planning to hit the market with their lab-helping robot by January next year. But before that it needs to go through some safety tests.


Source : EFY Times