Power Jacket MK3 –A Giant Robot for Human Movement

Power Jacket MK3 1

Power Jacket MK3 is an oversize like bot. It is intended by the Sagawa Electronics. They make such robot to remove difference between actuality and dream. It can copy any human’s movement.

The robot is light weight because the body of its made with the combination of carbon and aluminum. It weights simply 25 kg in spite of being 2.25 m tall. Here master-slave method is used. By this method a man can strap his arms and legs in motorized joints. When a person moves it derive the motion corresponding to limbs.

The robots contain fourteen servo motors. Eight motors are designed by this group. Now its arms can pick up maximum 15 kg but for safety purpose it is used for 2 kg lifting.

The suit of the bot is very strong to handle a quick jog. The handle of this robot is enough soft that it can pick up an egg without damaging the egg.

The robot is not only a giant exoskeleton in Japan. There are some other robots like Skeletonics .It includes a suit for human power only. This suit has series of interconnected linkage for moving the both arms. A man normally straps himself into it and then the robot copies his movement.


Source: Power Jacket MK3