R.BOT’s Synergy Swan telepresence robots use Android tablets and smartphones

robotsinsider-synergy-swanRussian company R.BOT recently showcased its own telepresence robots dubbed the Synergy Swan. In case you were wondering, telepresence refers to a technology that uses virtual reality. This, in a given sense, allows users to feel as if they are present in a particular remote place. The Synergy Swan telepresence robot makes all of that possible by using Android smartphones and tablets. Weighing roughly 14kg each, these robots, as you can in the photo above, are using Android devices as their head.

The Android devices will send movement commands to the robot’s neck through Bluetooth. Specialized apps are installed on the mobile devices to enable the Synergy Swan’s telepresence functionality. The company demonstrated the robots by allowing them to interact with people. When a user smiles, for example, the robot will play a video clip or start to talk. R.BOT is selling these robots for $450 a piece. A smaller version is also available for $250, albeit stationary. These robots can be used in schools, hospitals, and even in homes.

Source: Engadget