R2-D2 robot teams up with the Yankton Police Department

robotsinsider-r2d2The Yankton Police Department has added a new secret weapon to help fight bad guys. We’re not talking about a laser gun or a light-saber, but rather, a robot. Yes, an ex-U.S. military robot that was sold through a federal program called “10-33 Program,” which aims to sell used military equipment to state and local law enforcement. 

The Yankton Police Department has named the robot R2-D2 to honor their favorite robot featured in the Star Wars movie series. Basically, R2-D2 will be used to investigate a crime scene and, hopefully, help officers pacify hostile conditions. “If we have a possible gunman, we’re going to send this in before we put our own guys in harm’s way,” says Michael Burgeson, an officer of the Yankton Police Department.

Source: ABC News