Ranger Robot with 40.5 Miles Walking Capacity at a Time

ranger robot 1

The ranger robot of Cornell University builds up a new world record for a legged robot on a single charge for walking 14.3 miles. However, it has no need of assistance. The record of the robot was set by the Boston Dynamics, Big Dog. Now the ranger robot has a great walking speed on a single charge, up to 40.5 miles.

The design of this ranger robot includes a rigid legged swinging gate. By this rigid legged, it can constantly fall forward and before fall down, it can catch it. By comparison, many other walking robots having important joints in their lower limbs, and through their bodies, which must be continuously powered for balance maintaining.

The latest version of Ranger involves the using of lithium-ion battery of 6 pounds for charging four individual motors. It can consume total 16 volts from the power supply. The particular robot’s cost involving transportation sits at 0. 28 J/NM. Humans will be more successful, that has a COT approximately 0. 2, though nearly all robots end up in all around 1. 5. Possibly Ranger alone ended up being a smaller amount successful throughout the 2010 record-breaking walking, at that time COT was 0. 49.

Source: Slashgear

The video below shows the robot in action.