Rasphere – A Tiny robot that Moves Swiftly without Wheels or Legs


Group of cybernetics and robotics research scientists of UPM (University Politecnica de Madrid) has developed such a robot that moves swiftly but without any wheel or leg. It is like a rolling hamster ball. Sitting inside of the ball, the robot can move 4 directions and also can change its direction in those flat 4 directions anytime. The developer team is planning to employ this great idea into agricultural fields.

It can scroll all by itself and complete its mission without creating any annoying sound. The key principle of its movement is a pendulum-type design that changes the mass-center whenever it is necessary. Scientists have inserted the weighted part of the robot in the most crucial part of the robot. The battery of the robot is positioned in a place so that it can play like a floating pendulum. Whenever the robot needs to move forward it simply, change the position of the pendulum so that it transfers the center of mass in the front-side. A similar technique is applied when it needs to move backward. Rasphere is very stable in the move.

It maintains communication with the outer world by built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Its Wi-Fi antenna is placed on top of every other part of the system, just to ensure proper communication.

Although the team is planning to employ these types of robots in the agricultural field, they have other potential application too.



Source: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid