Remote-controlled Cockroaches for Different Rescue Operation

Remote-Controlled Cockroaches

Remote-Controlled Cockroaches

In the Modern day, Inventors are focusing on developing different kinds of robots. Scientists of NS State have developed a remote controlled cockroach on autopilot which can be operated like a video game. They are developing the device to map an energetic environment.  This autopilot program is able to drive them on the right track to give a full information about the situation.

The cockroaches controlled by the Kinect system (A system from Microsoft). The system works to track cockroach’s activity and drive automatically by providing some important information.

They also contain a sensor like microphone to identify survivors in a catastrophe area or damaged buildings. You can just imagine a catastrophe has hit in your area, and the situation is very critical, but workers are not able to take any step for the dangerous environment; in this situation you can carry on rescue operation by the remote controlled cockroaches.

Including a speaker it also can communicate with any survivor in the building. The controlling section of the roach contains a very effective section to its cerci and antenna. The wires of the antenna deliver charges to tap into observation the antenna is connected with a barrier and drive them into the reverse track.

You can also see the video below.


Source: Remote-Controlled Cockroache