Researchers are yet to Develop a Swarm of Tiny Robots

Tiny Robots

Robot is one of the most talked and gossiped word in the tech arena. Numerous sized and shaped robots have been built by scientists over the past few decades.  A Ball sized robot is being built by a CU-Boulder team. They call it “droplets”. Droplets are equipped with a sensor to perceive RGB color along with IR perception. Powered by Atmel X Mega microprocessor, Each Droplet is efficient enough to parse complex codes.

Currently NASA’s space program is sending stand alone rovers to Mars. It is now being considered the risk of sending only one robot to far off places like Mars. If there was an option to send a swarm of robots whose collective communication is strong enough to compare with that one single rover, then scientists of NASA might not have sweated seeing the communication module of that rover no longer responding. They would have the opportunity to send hundreds of tiny ball sized robots in a way that even if one or two goes off the grid they will still manage to get the stuffs that they were caring for.

Swarms of tiny robots have some other possibilities too. Scientists are working on creating such a swarm which when assembled together can become completely different single robot. They are working to create a swarm of robots that have the ability to be self-assembled, can be sent separately into space. Correll’s team is spending time to configure the basics of pattern-recognition, movements of sensor-based, grouping ability to form a shape and communication between swarm robots. They are simulating their codes inside a computer to attain their desired outcomes.

You can see the video below.


Source: Swarms