Robo Brain for Teaching Robot

Robo Brain Robot 1

To teach human by books and movies with a robot is really amazing. It will be most attractive when it’s not taking any help from humans. To astonish you, a robotic project called Robo Brain is able to perform the same thing without taking any help from human, trawling online in search of information then discussing and sharing this with robots. This is really interesting and I like this robot very much.

The computer science department of Cornell University was carried out this project. The same researchers also developed the Tell Me Dave robot that is certainly capable to understands as well as provide instructions for natural language. The professor of Cornell University Ashutosh Saxena said that when the robot is met in a situation that was not habituated by it before, then it could query the robot in the cloud.

Robo Brain robot is usually capable of fully understands the natural languages and capable of making sense from the online information. It also enables the robots to understand data for different facts. The overall system can easily train robots as like as how to find your own keys, dump a glass or two and others as usual things.

Source: Cornell

More information about the robot is available in the video below.