Robo Monkey Jumps and Ensure Aerial Maneuvering

Robo Monkey

Mr. Jianguo of Michigan State University has designed a new monkey robot that jumps. The most interesting and important factor in designing this tailed, 3 inches tall robot was to leap long distance but without ending up in malfunction or damage. Furthermore, it has the capabilities to jump on the tree.

In nature various tailed animals use their tail to maintain the balance while they were travelling by leaping. Besides the tailed animals, numerous other animals and insects use their other body parts to compose a complex model of locomotion. To get to another place is not an easy part. On the path, there may be some flat surface, some obstacles and other challenges like slope. Jianguo’s monkey robot was designed keeping mind all of these facts. The tail is usually applied to control its balance on the plain surface and jump when it encounters any obstacle. It also allows the robot to prepare for the next  smooth and leap landing.

This is a miniature robot weighing only 26.5 gram, and it is only 7.5 centimeter tall. It has on board battery supply, sensing device and wireless communication and self-command. This autonomous machine has all their maneuvering capabilities like running, jumping and on air maneuvering.


Source : Jianguo Zhao – Michigan State University via Engadget