RoboCup 2014 Champion Robots

RoboCup 2014 1

The World Cup football may have finished a few months ago, but another World Cup was also held in Brazil at João Pessoa called RoboCup-a competition of soccer by different robots. This year the Eindhoven Technology University (TU/e) won the champions trophy of RoboCup by middle-size robots. They beat Beijing University in 3-2 goal difference.

The robotic soccer team of TU/e was first introduced in 2005. Everyone of this university, including staff members, students, along with alumni has worked for this project for all around the year. However, they played the final match in 2011 and 2013, but lost in both of the games. The only focused on the technical combination of play.

The captain of TU/e team Robin Soetens said that only a few technologies used soccer robot team. An internal, PC with Wi-Fi-connection gives the actual power of the robot. Each of the robots is able to move on 3 directional wheels. It has used an industrial camera connected with a parabolic mirror to view at 360O angle (six meters distance). The capability of ball dribbling is provided by 2 actuated wheels on levers. Also, a large solenoid driven is used for capacitors to shoot. The goalkeeper robot has equipped with extra sensors for shot detection in 3D and two RGB-D cameras.

Source: robocup2014