Robot Baby needs Care and Hug just like a Normal Infant

Robot baby

Realityworks has created a robot baby that needs care and attention similar to that of a newborn infant. In schooling, it is widely practiced to give children homework to take care of a fake baby made of flour. The logic behind this homework is to show and teach children the responsibilities involved in raising a baby. However, a bag of flour is not a good substitute of a real baby. That’s why Realitywork’s RealCare baby is in the market.

The robot baby is designed and devised to use it in real world training programs. This amazing machine has so many features that mimic a same age real baby. Its weight is similar to a real baby; it is programmed to cry at any given moment, no matter day or night. If you want to make it mum then you need to pull it gently and tend it within 2 minutes. If you fail to make it within 2 minutes then it’s on the board register will automatically mark an unsatisfactory note.

It will accept care from its parents only. The parent must wear a digital bracelet that will help the baby to identify its parent. Besides the cry and mum, the parent needs to change its clothing and diaper time to time. It is also programmed to be feed. The parent needs to feed it with a bottle. You cannot just forget about your robot baby for a long time. You need to check the temperature also. It does not like too cold or too hot. Sometimes it can wake up and start crying just for nothing but a gentle rocking.

See the video.


Source: Robot Baby