Robot for battlefield!

710 Warrior 1

You have heard about the company called iRobot. It is usually popular for the robotic vacuum cleaner. Currently it is updating their Warrior 700 robot to 710 Warrior.  The bot is used to destroy anti-workforce mines and armed forces usually use the robot to deactivate bombs at a certain distance without causing any damage.

This specific army bot is included with a 2 link large pickup manipulator, which can enlarge nearly seventy-five ins. The 710 Warrior is governed by an Operating system provided by the robot’s intelligence software. The highly configured bot can adapt to an array of missions at a time. It is usually built together with a range of payloads; an APOBS and a variety of weapons and components, or a manipulator arm that can boost 192 cm and delivers plenty of deftness to open a vehicle door.

The VP of iRobot’s govt and industrial robots manufacture department reported that these Warrior robots can be used in nuclear power plant to investigate damaged constructions. Also, these bots were used in the previous year’s tsunami. These were accustomed to clean up emission affected areas. This 710 Warrior robot is now set to produce, but there is no price tag is available yet.

Source: Roboticsbible