Robot of Odor Detection

Shuntaro-kun 1

When earthquake and Tsunami was occurred in Tohoku then the president of Crazyl abo was visited the place. Crazyl abo is a prankster’s inventive group. At this time the president wants to cheer up the affected people. That time the Kitakyushu National College of Technology and the Crazyl abo make wonderful robot called Kaori-chan. This university also makes some bot that can detect odor.

The female bot Kaori-chan can also detect any kind of odor.  The head of it is placed on the top of a pink box. If you want to check your breath odor yon need to blow into the bots face. If anyone gives bad smell to the robot then it is taken emergency mood. But it is out of patience.

A food sniffing dog cannot be a good eloquent but it always sincere about its responsibility. If you give a good smell the robotic dog then it will give you good response but if you provide a bad smell then the dog starred to bark.

Now Shuntaro-kun and Kaori-chan is found in commercially. They are good odor sensor robot and that can give you result with a four point of scale. So, you should see how it works.

Source: Kaori-chan