Robot to Assist for Grasping any Objects

Robo Glove 1

Robo-Glove is dependent on gripping technologies initially produced for Robonaut 3. It is mainly a power supported glove and built to reduce strain injuries in each astronaut.

This type of Glove also offers actuators within the upper sections of every finger, besides pressure receptors. When the receptors identify that the thing will be grasped by a person, it allows the finger tendons to pull in, pulling these right into a holding section. By the way, anyone doesn’t always need to strain to keep up their own grip, thus defending them from any injury.

You should know that the sample was first made on last year. It is the second version of gripping bot by the company. Both the versions have a weight of 0. 9 kg and a little screen for programming. There is also a lithium-battery for power generation. Currently they are working on the 3rd versions and they are preparing to make it lighter and less bulky than the previous versions.

An experiment is carried out on the gloves and the experiment showed that people could certainly grip any objects easily for a long time. It is expected that in case a task needs any human staff to assert 6.8-9 kg of force, Just 2.3-4.5 to kg would be perfect when you will use the Robo-Glove.