Robot to Make Furniture Movable!

Roombots 1

Do you know about Roombots? A group of experts from EPFL have designed the bot that can modify their shape and to make moving furnishings. These bots are able to attach as well as detach from themselves as a way to develop a random arrangement based on the activity taking place. The experts reported that several Roombots attach to each other and create unique variations of furnishings.

All the experts believe that the Roombots could possibly be utilized to generate assistive pieces of furniture for your home, conference rooms and office. You will be able to shift all the furniture one place to another for your need.

The research team arranged a funding from Swiss National Science Foundation to develop multifunctional furniture which could connect to more senior customers, support these people recover from a new slip, keep eyes on health and also support these people transfer to different jobs.

One particular unit is actually contains four half spheres set into a couple of spheres which are linked to one another. The bots can easily move on the ground utilizing a wheel type movement prior to grasping onto the set up atmosphere with all the applicable connection slots.

Source: Slashgear