Robot to Work like a Human

Ashutosh Saxena  1

A programmer named Ashutosh Saxena who is an assistant professor with Hema S Koppula is programmed a wonderful robot that can perform everyday tasks and can anticipate behavior of humans. They worked in the Cornell’s robotics lab and to make such kind of robot they used a PR2 robot.

This kind of robot can work just like a waiter and can predict itself if need to refill the beer into the glass. If the robot cannot predetermine the behavior of man there is a big chance of a mistake that when you move the glass it can want to refill the glass or anything. That’s why its anticipate behavior is very important to avoid this problem.

The developer group used Microsoft Kinect scanner to avoid different types of problems. By using this scanner the robot can take a map of the object and then calculate the possibility of human behavior. The bot can perform this activity by the provided 120 database of 3D videos on the basis of everyday human task and then it converted the movement of a person into symbolic skeletons. Then it classifies the skeletons into sub activities.

Source: Cornell