Robot to Read Your Emotion!

Pepper 1

Do you ever hear about emotion reader robot? If your answer is no, then look at this article. The name of the reader robot is Pepper. This was created to understand people’s feelings.  Pepper has the ability to determine people’s thoughts in addition to modify their manners as needed to live with his kin. The robot is manufactured by SoftBank Corp. and Aldebaran Robotics. It is prepared with a collection of detectors that has a number of microphones, lasers, gyros and a camera placed on the hands, legs and heads.

The robot is developed in such a way that it can examine the proceedings inside the vicinity and. Pepper can reply adequately according to the algorithms as well as the data driven from cloud database.

SoftBank reported that Pepper is able to recognize your feelings by simply verifying your voice and expressions and the special feature to alter your behavior can make you a fulfilled man. Moreover, through the moment regarding their professional roles, the Corp. says it is capable to study through practical knowledge. In future they will be capable to run different applications.

Now-a-days Pepper is only available in Japan and people can interact with the robot there. It will be released on Feb 2015 for only $1,900.

Source: Engadget