Flying fish aircraft

flying fish robot 1

The Stanford University researchers group has developed an aircraft as like as flying fish.  These flying fish can easily fly and glide over at a long distance. It has used spring of carbon fiber. So when the bot wants to fly, it can spread its wing but the wing is closed when it come into down. This jumpglider type robot can pass greater distance easily an also land smartly. If the launch is smooth it is easy to jump for the robot.

For the using of necessary airspeeds by the researchers for optimizing the wing design and it can maximize the lift to drag ratio. The researcher’s team used seventy centimeters long wing when the weight of the robot is thirty grams. For keeping the weight of the robot is small, the frame is made with the balsa wood. Also the using carbon fiber of foam helps to decrease the weight of the robot.

Also a camera is used to investigate the effectiveness and provide necessary information about the robot. It cannot jump as high as ballistic jumper of same weight. This less efficiency is for the extra energy required for drag the robot. Also it can horizontally jumped.

Source: Flying Fish